About US

About Us

Dr. Amanda Nicolson is regarded as a well-known autism expert in our valley, and the founder of Swan Consulting Inc. We are pleased to announce enrollment period of our newly founded Swan Consulting firm. Swan Consulting offers specialists services to people and their families victimized by Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Our catalogue of services includes home based early intervention, after-school programs and Social Skills Enhancement programs. A larger portion of our service is focused on ABA program but our long term vision includes much more. Swan Consulting Inc. serves all children and families affected by autism and related disorders and through our clinical supervisors, expert advisors and qualified practitioners, help improve their quality of life.

Dr. Nicolson has acquired over 20 years of experience in serving patients with Autism and also researching latest breakthroughs in autism treatment and eradication. Our comprehensive model combines all the austerity and vigor of science without losing the sight of what we really do and what makes it all fall into place-a tender and caring approach. Our team consists of experienced and professional supervisors each of which, specialize in their areas of expertise and are extensively overseen by trained therapists.

Our Approach


Using individualized goals as a guide, Swan Consulting Inc applies reinforcement, modeling and prompting, rehearsal, and the modification of environmental variables to create meaningful and lasting changes in behavior. Whether the goals are potty training, social skills, self-care skills, academics, communication, or vocational skills, Swan Consulting can help. While the principles and procedures of ABA are established and proven, it is a still a growing field with new effective practices being developed every year. In addition to ABA, we offer a behaviorally-based cognitive approach to learning and development for those working on social skills, coping skills, and reducing defiant or emotional behaviors that are interfering with development.

It is important that your child not only learn how to use a skill during therapy sessions with us but also for those skills to transfer to their daily lives in a natural and meaningful way that will enable them to connect with their friends and family. We achieve this by programming for generalization and maintenance from the outset, providing therapy in the environments in which is it most meaningful (at school, on the baseball field, at a birthday party, etc.), as well as involving parents and other caregivers in each step of our treatment process for consistency and carry over to the home and community.

Other ways Swan Consulting Inc is set apart from others is its use of the following:


  • Applied Verbal Behavior is worked into each Treatment Plan from the start to encourage functional language and communication
  • Use of multiple assessments to determine a well-rounded and complete Treatment Plan for your child across all life’s domains
  • Focus on social skills from the beginning, with many targets being targeted in social situations to prevent rote, robotic responding
  • “Neurotypical” peer models in attendance on a regular basis to allow for modeling of appropriate communication and social skills
  • Ratio sessions to practice not only social development, but to propel each child to a less restrictive therapy setting as they demonstrate growth
  • Small ratios of Certified Behavior Analysts to clients to ensure each child and family gets the attention they need and deserve.

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We would like to extend our gratitude towards all the support you have provided us during the beginning of our journey. We have started our newsletter to keep everyone informed about the on-goings of our company. Each newsletter will consist of different Swan Consulting Inc updates and events, as well as other information from different resources that can benefit you and your family.

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