Applied Behavioral Analysis

ABA is the design, implementation, and evaluation of environmental modifications to produce socially significant improvement in human behavior. ABA includes the use of direct observation, measurement, and functional analysis of the relations between environment and behavior. ABA uses changes in environmental events, including antecedent stimuli and consequences, to produce practical and significant changes in behavior. These relevant environmental events are usually identified through a variety of specialized assessment methods. ABA is based on the fact that an individual’s behavior is determined by past and current environmental events in conjunction with organic variables such as their genetic endowment and ongoing physiological variables. ABA focuses on treating behavioral difficulties by changing the individual’s environment rather than focusing on variables that are, at least presently, beyond our direct access.

Educational Consulting Division

Swan Consulting is pleased to offer a variety of services to support parents in navigating the education system. We know that understanding your rights and options in special education services can be challenging. Dr. Nicolson has years of experience working in public schools and as an independent evaluator and consultant as well as years of helping families with the IEP process. Our goal is to work cooperatively with your school's educational team to find the best placement and develop the best goals for your child.  We will begin with a complimentary meeting to discuss your situation and determine the best approach for your family.
IEP Review: For outside clients who are not in other services with Swan, we are pleased to offer IEP Consultation. Dr Nicolson will meet with you to discuss your current concerns and do a complete review of your IEP. Then, a second meeting will include recommendations and suggestions to help you through the process.
*Beyond the IEP review meeting, we can connect you with qualified educational advocates who can attend your IEP meeting and support you through the process.
Group Workshops on Education Law, IEP Process, Parent Rights and Roles will be offered periodically throughout the year and are open to the public.
Workshops for ProfessionalsGroup workshops for teachers, SLPs, School Psychs, Special Ed teachers, and other professional staff and administrators include: Behavior Management, Functional Assessment, Developing Effective BIPs, Strategies for teaching children with ASD, Basic ABA Principles in the Classroom, and RBT approved course sequences.

Collaborative Services Division

Swan Consulting is pleased to offer programs for adults and teens who are preparing for adulthood. These services are geared toward preparing and supporting individuals with the social and task demands placed by school, work, and home life. For young adults, our transition services will focus on the changing roles and responsibilities that come with maturing into adulthood. Adults of any age can find both individual consultation and social skills groups that are specifically arranged to address challenges often faced by adults with ASD. By using assessments to gain insight into each individual’s goals, strengths, and challenges, we can personalize our curriculum to provide quality guidance and instruction. Our program aims to help adults and young adults develop the skills that will help them across different parts of their lives.  

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