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Diagnostics, Counseling, & Psychotherapy

Our dedication to multidisciplinary approach includes a variety of ways to receive different kinds of therapy from our licensed clinical psychologist, Dr. Vince Aguirre.


A Consultative session allows for parents to discuss with our clinical psychologist their child’s
presenting symptoms/problems for a better understanding of their child or their child’s diagnosis. A consultative
session also allows for parents to receive guidance regarding the types of services available/needed for their
children. Types of services they may be directed toward include individual psychotherapy/counseling, psychological
testing, group therapy, parent training, parent support groups, medication management, helpful literature/books,
other Swan services (e.g. preschool readiness program), or other services from the community.


Psychological evaluations to assess and diagnose children and adolescents regarding
neuro-developmental disorders related to Autism Spectrum Disorder, Global Developmental Delay, and Intellectual
Disability. Psychological Evaluations will also include formal recommendations for types of treatment needed to
address presenting problems and diagnoses. Testing will be about 5-7 hours of face-to-face service/evaluation
which may take place over the course of 1-2 days (sessions).


Regularly scheduled (weekly or every other week) individual psychotherapy/counseling services for
children, and adolescents aimed at helping work through and manage anxiety, depression, behavior problems, and
other psychological, emotional, or adjustment problems. Services often integrate heavy involvement of parent
consultation and guidance to inform and enhance parenting and the parent-child relationship. Family therapy
services offer help in management of family relational problems and increase positive family dynamics.

Parent Support

Short-Term Counseling (about 1-5 sessions) aimed at helping parents adjust and receive guidance
related to various life stressors, separation/divorce, relational problems, mild to moderate anxiety or emotional
problems, processing or accepting of child’s diagnosis, or overwhelmed emotions or fatigue regarding
responsibilities of life, family, or children. If it seems further help is needed beyond short-term counseling, than a
referral will be made for long-term psychotherapy or counseling.